Transmission case

Transmission case.

The oil in the transmission case is recommended to check at least once every six months, if it is not visible traces of leakage. Modern oil that is put into the transmission, according to the manufacturer should provide the entire service life of the unit. Allegedly it does not deteriorate because combustion products and other salt, acidic impurities, water and so on don’t fall into the box. This is not quite true.Transmission case

Safe term of operation of imported car is 7-10 years, Russian 3-5 years. Bathed in oil is calculated for this lifetime. Our cars often operate with a term of 20 years and more. Therefore, if you intend to travel by car long enough the oil in the transmission case must still be changed.

Change the oil in fifty thousand kilometer run. This extended the vehicle service life at least twice. In the if you will produce a replacement of oil in gearbox yourself, we recommend first to unscrew the filler plug, and then drain one. The bottom line is rarely gets out and sometimes it is difficult to unscrew (sour thread). If the oil has not yet been merged, you can always postpone this operation – drive on the old one. If it is merged but you can’t fill in pour fresh oil, it can cause serious trouble.

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