Rules of care of autoglass.

To auto-glass serve you for a long time, you need to follow some simple rules regarding the proper care of autoglass.

More often the old car windows wipers spoil the auto glasses scratching the glass and cause its premature overwriting. Do not skimp on the good new wipers and timely change them on your car – then the car windows will last longer and enjoy you perfect clarity.


In rain or snow, choose the optimum speed of the wipers so that they effectively clean the glass, but do not scrape the dry surface. It causes premature wear of the wipers and windshield.

Use only high quality washer fluid glass and a good car shampoo for washing the windshield and other auto glass.

Unsuitable compounds can cause clouding of the glass!
In winter, try to use less scraper and brush, they leave scratches on the glass.
Do not use wipers sticking with the pieces of ice – better turn the heater in the cabin and wait for the thaw and the wipers are clean.

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