Mitas becomes the property of Trelleborg.

MitasThe Swedish company Trelleborg has completed the process of acquisition of the Czech Holding Group ČGS.
The Holding ČGS includes the following companies: Mitas, Rubena and Savatech, and the total cost of acquisition is estimated at 10.9 billions of SEK (about 1.3 billions of dollars).

Mitas Company accounts for more than half of the total sales of the groups ČGS Holding. Mitas holds the leading positions in the market of the agricultural tires of the 2006 dodge charger headlightsaverage price range.

Mitas waits for integration into the business field of the unit Trelleborg Wheel Systems.
After the completing of transaction projected sales of the company Trelleborg will increase to 30 billion of SEK (3.6 billions of dollars), and the number of staff in the units, located in 47 countries of the world- to 23 000.

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