False car lamps

Looking for the cheaper prices, the buyers can come across the unfair sellers or the ones who don’t know the origin of the sold spare parts, oils and car lamps.

False car lamps

How to distinguish the original lamps Osram from the fake?

First of all, pay attention to the package. A large number of counterfeit lamps H4 in the package with an old design, while the manufacturer has long released it in the new one.

 car lamps

The frequent mistake of the forgers – the inconsistency of font with the original package. As the forgeries of lamps Н7 can be found in the visually indistinguishable packages, it is almost impossible to tell the difference.

There are cases when the inscription on the logo of the original package is convex, and the one on the forgery package is not, and the package is excessively darkened. It can be seen be seen in the shadows under the logo and a paler lamp image.

The marking on the cap of original lamps have an intense color with a clear contour (laser engraving).
Accordingly, the inscriptions on the cheap forgeries are blurred and smeared; they have the other font, way of drawing and irregularities.

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