Choosing spark plugs

The first indicator, which is worth paying attention to is the size of the sparks. Remember that the sparks may not be as small or too large. In the first case, the electrodes are arranged at a distance from the camera. If the plug is too large, they will beat the piston.

spark plugs

Also consider the temperature range at which the spark plug can operate. This figure is called the “heat rating number”. In order to choose the most accurate heat rating number one should be thoroughly familiar with all the characteristics of your car.

In general, the temperature conditions above, the cooler will be the plug. Of course, this will have a positive impact on vehicle performance. If the plug is constantly overheated, its service life is unlikely to please you.
Considerable importance has also the material from which the sparks are manufactured. It is believed that the most durable the sparks made of platinum.

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